Art, Design and Implementation

A spinner of yarns and teller of stories, Marite is primarily a visual artist, expressing herself through the mediums of charcoal, paint, oil stick, ink and paper. Working in mixed media since 2003 – in other words tearing, ripping and burning bits of her photos and gluing them into epic random artworks – Marite also loves to splash a bit of paint onto either canvas or walls. With an eye for a colour pallet that can be either natural, earthy and muted, or bold and in-your-face, Marite’s compositions are balanced and vibrant.

Marite’s paintings vary from abstract to mythological to quirky with a touch of spiritual thrown into the mix. Her paintings reflect her passions: people, place, land, urban avant-garde and pop art. Marite has been known to dig things out of bins and skips, and peel paint from street poles – ALL in the name of art. She modestly claims that she bears a striking resemblance to Catherine Zeta-Jones and loves nothing more than sitting down with friends and telling a fantastic tale.