Dwelling on the fringes of the slightly zany, the slightly weird and wonderful, is a girl immersing herself in a cacophony of experiences, seeking out the alternative and avant-garde. A girl compelled to soak up every inch of her experiences, not merely content with the having of them alone, but a girl who then manages time and again to turn the most captivating of these experiences, held closely in her heart… quite literally, into her art.

The mediocre has never wanted for Marite and her art is a true reflection of her passion for all things kitsch and quirky and a curiosity that is seemingly unending. Marite brings a vibrancy and culturally rich tone to the mediums of mixed media collage, photography, print-making and painting – achievements that have taken hours of experimentation and refining of technique, the results of which are sure to leave a very definite impression. Years living in London, Hong Kong and Amsterdam influenced continuing photographic interests and also deepened her appreciation of textiles and artefacts.

From an early background in theatre – stage make-up – in London to completing degrees in English and Design (Fine Art) it may be fair to say that Marite likes to keep herself busy! A melting pot mind bursting with ideas leaves no room for complacency. Marite has showcased her works at several exhibitions in Perth and Hong Kong. She is the artistic director of her very own inspired and innovative community arts hub, The Art Space Collective, established in 2014. The Art Space opened to a packed crowd of intrigued and supportive faces at it’s inaugural Opening Exhibition and continues and continues to encourage emerging and established artists today. The Art Space also brings together artists and creatives to establish a space for art sessions and shared work studios.

Against insurmountable odds, The Art Space Collective and Marite’s artistic ventures have been integral in providing her a semblance of healing after the cataclysmic loss of Mo, Evie and Otis Maslin, her three eldest children in 2014. All her art, held closely in her heart, is dedicated to her children.