Get Pasted for Fringe World 2022


Get Pasted – a marvellous showcase of collage that assembles fragments of life into tactile works.

While many of us contemplate the changing world around us, Marite Norris brings joyful relief through her energetic, thought-provoking, and vibrant site-specific art installation and collage exhibition. Weaving through feelings of the comforting ambience of home with the rupture and the overlay of contemporary culture, her exhibition offers a tactile alternative to our ever-changing world.

Unrelated items look spontaneously pasted, yet are a careful selection and stylised attachment of images, photographs, and other media that have been decisively cut, dissected, disassembled and reassembled, reflecting the rediscovery and rebuilding of life.

An eclectic soundtrack of layered music by the renowned Chris Tonkin (UWA Conservatorium)