Art, Design and Implementation

Inspired by the underground fetish scene of London; animated and erotic, with a touch of humour. Marite’s photographs sometimes seem like surreal situations and are crammed with sexual innuendo and unusual settings.

Some of these portraits are stylized, contrived and stilted. The exotic artificiality of half undressed women reveals an awkwardness that was sometimes evident amongst the punters at these extreme, underworld clubs. This is juxtaposed with the movement and energy of other portraits. The portraits are alive, incorporating not only a delight in masquerade, but also an idea that there should be no restriction on creative expression in a modern consumer society.

The photos in the exhibition The Yorkway Scene include representations of women’s bodies and women’s perceptions of themselves contrasted with societies varied perceptions of them. There is a sense of loneliness in some of the portraits suggestive of female entrapment.

Marite illustrates her experiences of living in a crazy London Council Block, Yorkway Court. The dilapidated flats, located in Kings Cross were due to be demolished. As a result, the tenants were regularly informed of the temporary nature of the set up. Most of the tenants became squatters, preferring to live in sporadic fear of the bailiffs and the electric man, than pay the high price of big city rent! This series of raw photos displays subcultures of people who see the world differently, perhaps marginalized sections of society: strippers, drug dealers, pole dancers, fetish clubbers, stilt walkers and randoms.