Colour Warp For Fringe World 2021

Art, Design and Implementation

In April 2020, Australia locked its borders to the world. Tape on the floors in supermarkets signalled the safe distance between shoppers. The pandemic pinned us all down into confinement and in many parts of the world people are still living that reality – that and much, much worse.

Colour Warp is a lockdown-inspired painting extravaganza created in response to Covid-19 – a vibrant painting project extending far beyond the borders of traditional canvas. Marite Norris has undertaken an exploration of colour and sound as a means of accessing and establishing an uplifting emotional space and the results are vivid, positive colour combinations that fill the entire space, complete with colour intervals signifying rhythmic, almost musical effects of shades within a composition.

Working in collaboration with Christopher Tonkin, UWA, the electronic music responds to the linear and spectral elements in the room. Built as a series of lines moving through time, it can be followed either in its individual threads, or experienced as an immersive wash of synthesised textures and colours.

Whatever your line, Colour warp aims to bring a kaleidoscope of happiness, vibrancy and joy into it!