Art, Design and Implementation

It’s not only the layering of papers and photographs, that create the complex arrangement of images in Marite’s collages, but also the meticulous peeling away and removal of layers in order to create an elaborate sense of depth.

Marite creates the scene through acrylic, ink and layering of photo mosaic. The methods of tearing, burning, peeling and distorting – by printing, photographing, and printing again – are the tools of subtraction or destruction that help provide a sense of the antiquated or vintage. Marite reveals a depth and complexity in each individual piece by pairing the techniques of technological process with more long-established procedures such as collage.

Using photographs and objects from her surroundings including old wallpaper, restaurant menus, peeled paint from signposts, paper cuttings, gold leaf and historical artifacts such as pages from her great-grandmother’s diary, Marite illustrates a combination of pop and urban street art with some more traditional cultural elements of city life.